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  1. Balance orifice flowmeter
  2. Balance orifice flowmeter
  3. Balance orifice flowmeter
  4. Balance orifice flowmeter
  5. Balance orifice flowmeter

Balance orifice flowmeter

Overview:Weighing plate flowmeter is also called adjusting flowmeter, multi-orifice orifice flowmeter, and is an upgraded version of conventional orifice plate flowmeter. The balanced flow sensor is a

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Weighing plate flowmeter is also called adjusting flowmeter, multi-orifice orifice flowmeter, and is an upgraded version of conventional orifice plate flowmeter. The balanced flow sensor is a porous disc throttling rectifier, which is installed on the section of the pipeline. The size and distribution of the holes are customized based on special formulas and test data, called function holes. When the fluid passes through the function holes of the disc, the fluid will be balanced and rectified, and the vortex will be minimized to form an approximately ideal fluid. Through the pressure taking device, a stable differential pressure signal can be obtained. The volume flow rate is calculated according to Bernoulli's equation, Mass Flow.

Product advantages:

1. Measurement accuracy is better than 1.0

2. Energy optimization, saving energy loss of the entire pipeline system

3. Rectifying effect makes the straight pipe section shorter before and after

4. Greatly reduced pressure loss

5. Increase the thickness of the throttling device to enhance the straightening function

6. Pressure extraction method: flange pressure extraction; corner joint pressure extraction; ring chamber pressure extraction; line pressure extraction, etc.

7. Process connection method: butt welding, pipe type, flange wafer type, etc.

Measurement mediumLiquid, gas, steam, mixed phase flowRange ratio1:10, 1:15
Measuring aperture15 mm ≤ DN ≤ 1200mmMeasuring accuracyclass 0.5, class 1.0
Nominal pressurePN ≤ 42MPaMaterialcan be selected according to the measurement medium
Temperature range-50℃≤ t ≤ 550℃
YFLJYaFeng throttling device
Throttling deviceBstandard orifice plateQround orifice plate
PBalance orifice / adjustment orificeGWedge
VV coneZnozzle
XX orifice plate (not used and metered, only for current limiting or pressure reduction)WVenturi
Caliber-XX Pipe diameter is expressed by Arabic numerals, for example, DN100mm can be expressed as -100
Pressure-1.61.0  1.6  2.0  2.5  4.0  6.3  6.3 or more
Pressing methodFFlange press (flange wafer type)
Jcorner joint pressure (flange wafer type)
DD-ring pressure extraction (flange wafer type)
HH line spacing pressure (pipe integrated)
Flange typeWNwith neck butt welding flange
SWplate socket welding flange
Flange MaterialCCarbon Steel
Tother materials
Throttle materialP304
Tother materials

pressure transmitter (pressure compensation)

LCondenserJFlowmeter Totalizer

FPressure taking valveCDifferential pressure transmitter

SThree valve groupTOther

WPT100(temperature compensation)

Measurement medium:
Scale flow:
Maximum flow:
Common traffic:
Minimum flow:
Worksheet pressure:
Operating temperature:
Measuring medium density:
Measuring medium viscosity:
Isentropic index in working state:
Mean atmospheric pressure:
Relative humidity:
Pipe specifications (outer diameter X wall thickness) mm:
Media composition Volume percentage:
Selection of throttling devices:
Throttle material:
Pipe material and old and new:
Piping installation location:
Pressure loss:
Required attachment name: