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UZC high temperature and high pressure magnetic level gauge

UZC type high temperature and high pressure magnetic level gauge is a series of liquid level gauges specially designed by our company for high temperature and high pressure measurement environment. Th

UZC type high temperature and high pressure magnetic level gauge is a series of liquid level gauges specially designed by our company for high temperature and high pressure measurement environment. This series of products has the following advantages:

1. The wall thickness simulation design software independently developed according to the pressure vessel design standard can scientifically design the wall thickness of the pressure chamber of the product and the specifications and dimensions of the floating ball according to the pressure and temperature range of the customer's working conditions, effectively improving The pressure performance and safety performance of this series of products.

2. The pressure-bearing chamber and floating ball adopt the single-sided welding and double-sided forming process, which effectively guarantees the quality of the weld.

3. For different pressure levels, the flange connection sealing surface of this product adopts high-pressure design. When the connection flange sealing surface adopts RJ ring connection surface, the maximum design pressure can reach 42MPa.

4. Flaw detection: This series of products will perform a series of flaw detection on each component and cavity after welding according to different pressure levels to ensure the weld quality and zero defects of materials to the greatest extent.

5. The display panel is aimed at high temperature environment, and adopts high temperature isolation technology, which can effectively isolate the display panel from the high temperature chamber, and improve the temperature resistance and service life of this product. The maximum temperature resistance can reach 450 ℃.

6.Hydraulic test: After the production is completed, the product will be subjected to rigorous high-pressure water pressure simulation experiments. The high-pressure water pressure holding test of 1.25-1.5 times the customer's on-site design pressure is used, which is higher than the customer's on-site pressure. The hydrostatic test simulates the customer's on-site use pressure, which guarantees the safety and sealing performance of this series of products to the greatest extent, and provides the safest and most reliable products for customers' production safety measurement.

Measuring range300- 15000mmRated temperature≤450℃
Measurement accuracy±5mmMedium viscosity≤0.02Pa.S .
Nominal pressure≤42MPaFollow speed≤0.08m/s
Medium density≥0.35g/cm3Transmit outputTwo-wire 4-20mA, DC600Ω load
Medium density difference≥0.03g/cm3 (Measurement boundary)Transmit outputHG / T20592-20635- 2009, DN20, PN2.5 If other flanges are used, please specify when ordering

UZYafeng Magnetic level gauge
Installation typeCSide loadingDTop loading
Panel typeA1-40-80℃ Normal temperatureZ1-190~-20℃ Vacuum
A280-180℃ Medium temperatureZ2-20-180℃ Vacuum
A3180-350℃ High temperatureZ3180-350℃ Vacuum
A4350-450℃ Ultra high temperatureE-40℃-450℃ Magnetic sensitivity
Pressure Level(MPa)1.0PN1.02.0CL150LB

Range-densityRange mm-density g / cm³
Flange materialP304PF304 Lined with fluorine
PL316LCCarbon steel
法兰口径15Side loading DN1550Top loading  DN50
20Side loading DN2065Top loading DN65
25Side loading DN2580Top loading DN80
32Side loading DN32100Top loading DN100
40Side loading DN40125Top loading DN125
50Side loading DN50150Top loading DN150
65Side loading DN65200Top loading DN200
80Side loading DN80250Top loading DN250
Flange sealing surfaceOmittedRaised faceFMConcave
FConvexFFFull plane
Body materialP304P1321
PF304 Lined with fluorineTititanium

Insulation / anti-frostOmittedno
CC-type insulation tube (recommended)
T1Vacuum insulation
T2Jacket insulation
D140-90 constant temperature electric heat tracing
D2120 ° C temperature control adjustable electric heat tracing
S1Anti-frost below -40 ° C
S2-40~-20℃ Anti-frost
AccessoriesYRemote Level Gauge
KAlarm switch


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