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Flow meter

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V cone flowmeter

Overview:V cone flowmeter is a high-performance differential pressure flow measurement instrument. The unique support and variable cone angle design make it suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry,


V cone flowmeter is a high-performance differential pressure flow measurement instrument. The unique support and variable cone angle design make it suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, fertilizer, chemical fiber, oil and natural gas under the condition of very short straight pipe section. , Electricity, water, and other industrial enterprises in the gas, liquid and steam and other media for flow measurement. It has the characteristics of firm cone, short straight pipe section, high measurement accuracy, wide measuring range ratio, small pressure loss, and low installation cost. It is a major breakthrough in the field of flow sensor technology in recent years. It makes up for orifice plates, nozzles and venturi. Standard structural throttling devices, such as pipes, have their own structural defects and have broad market prospects.

Working principle:

The V-shaped inner cone flowmeter is an inner cone that is concentric with the pipe in the measuring tube. The inner cone is specially designed and precision processed. When the fluid flows through the inner cone, it forms a local contraction of the flow state and the flow rate increases. The static pressure drops, and the differential pressure △ P is generated before and after the inner cone. Like other differential pressure flow meters, they are based on the laws of conservation of fluid mass (continuity equation) and energy conservation (Bernoulli equation).

The main technical parameters:

1 main parameters

Nominal passage: DN50 ~ DN1000

β value range 0.4 ~ 0.85

Nominal pressure: 0 ~ 42.0MPa

Medium temperature: -50 ℃ ~ 550 ℃

Wide range ratio: 1:10

Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5%

Reynolds number: 8000 ~ 1 × 107

Applicable fluid: suitable for measuring the flow of various gases, liquids, steam and other fluids.

3. Superior performance characteristics

3.1 Optimized design of the combination of front and rear cone angle and channel of the flow meter:

The V-shaped inner cone flowmeter has carried out a large number of experimental studies according to different equivalent diameter ratios and different front and rear cone angles, and finally determined the optimal combination of front and rear cone angles at different diameter ratios. The range ratio is wider and the measurement accuracy is more high.

3.2 Cone installation method and firm design:

In order to prevent the cone from falling off due to the impact of the flowmeter during use, the second-generation internal cone flowmeter uses a cone fixing method with support on the front and back, which will make the cone fixing very firm and reliable, while reducing cone vibration The influence on the measurement. At the same time, the influence of the front and rear supports on the flow field is fully considered. The measurement accuracy is guaranteed

3.3 Full study of the expansibility coefficient ε:

The design of the V-shaped inner cone flowmeter fully considered the influence of the expandability coefficient on the measurement of gas flow. The positive flow method of the sonic nozzle gas flow standard device was used for the real-flow experiment of the expandability coefficient. Formula model. Ensures the accuracy of gas flow measurement.

3.4. Has a wide range (10: 1):

The V-shaped inner cone flow meter is based on the gradual contraction of the side wall to reduce the vortex interference in the entire negative pressure area, and the effect on the measurement of static pressure becomes very small, even in a small flow state. In addition, a high signal-to-noise ratio can also be obtained, so that the measurement can be performed normally. This is one of the reasons why the range of the V-shaped inner cone flowmeter is significantly better than other differential pressure flow meters.

3.5. It has the function of rectifying the fluid flow state, so it only needs extremely short straight pipe sections (front 3D and 2D):

The unique side wall throttling structure of the V-shaped inner cone flowmeter can correct and rectify various irregular flow distortions upstream when the fluid flows through the cone, so that the flow reaching the measurement area forms a regular flow. Very short straight pipe sections can also obtain accurate measurement values, which is greatly convenient for users.

3.6. Low pressure loss is good for energy saving

The structure of the V-shaped inner cone flowmeter is a streamlined throttle, so its pressure loss is small (about 1/3 of the orifice plate), so for those "low pressure, large flow" fluid flow, it is used to measure the Great advantage. At the same time, a small pressure loss also means a reduction in energy consumption, which is very conducive to the energy-saving requirements of enterprises.

3.7. Long service life and stable performance:

The boundary layer effect formed by the unique structure of the V-shaped inner cone flowmeter makes the key parts of the throttle element not wear, so it can keep the geometric dimension unchanged for a long time, so it can work stably for a long time without calibration. Does not contain any electronic components) is a pure mechanical body, so it is resistant to high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and vibration;

4. Application

4.1 Gas

Gas (Extra-dirty coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, generator gas)

Natural gas, including natural gas with a moisture content of more than 5%; various hydrocarbon gases;

Various rare gases (including those used for process control); air, including water, air containing other dust

4.2 Steam saturated steam; superheated steam

4.3 Liquid oils, including crude oil (with a certain viscosity); water, including purified water, sewage; various aqueous solutions, including saline and alkaline solutions.

Measurement medium:
Scale flow:
Maximum flow:
Common traffic:
Minimum flow:
Worksheet pressure:
Operating temperature:
Measuring medium density:
Measuring medium viscosity:
Isentropic index in working state:
Mean atmospheric pressure:
Relative humidity:
Pipe specifications (outer diameter X wall thickness) mm:
Media composition Volume percentage:
Selection of throttling devices:
Throttle material:
Pipe material and old and new:
Piping installation location:
Pressure loss:
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